About Me

My name is Nathalie Bureau and I live in London Ontario, Canada. I’m an artist and a musician and in my spare I time try to create both paintings and music that speak to something special in my own life. I love to vacation in Ireland and much of my inspiration both musically and artistically come from my time spent there on holiday.
I have three wonderful sons and a great group of family and friends. I’m a very lucky woman 🙂
email: niftynat100@hotmail.com


14 Responses to About Me

  1. mysweetmarie says:

    Nat, your art is awesome! You’ve done some beautiul work. check out my blog at http://www.mysweetmarie.wordpress.com

  2. Thank you sweet Marie!

  3. Kym Holdaway says:

    Nat…I can’t believe how talented you are!!! Your work is beautiful and inspiring.

    • thanks Kym for the encouraging words. mostly i just feel like i mess around but really love to use colour! you are a great encourager and i thank you for your words of advice over the last year!

  4. mom says:

    Hi Nat – I can’t believe that you went from a child who seldom put pencil to paper, to this awesome artist. You have been blessed with wonderful talent… and determination to express yourself. Wonderful work!! mom

  5. Ann Rosen says:

    Nathalie, Thank you so much for your song. I loved it. Your art work is wonderful as well.

    • Hello Ann! hope your holidays were wonderful and thanks for listening to my song. my hope is to professionally record it and then have it up on itunes for people to purchase and download. always been a dream of mine! 🙂

  6. Kym Holdaway says:

    Just checked you out on utube…you have limitless talent. Hope your holidays were full of happiness 🙂

  7. Gary Davies says:

    You have a very sweet voice and I love your song!

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