Nat’s Paintings – Home

Welcome to Nathalie Bureau’s art website. (all paintings are protected under copyright laws worldwide  )

Click on the “Nathalie’s new Cd” link to see information on the great CD full of original music!


16 Responses to Nat’s Paintings – Home

  1. Ann Rosen says:

    Lovely work. You’ve captured Ireland…the feel of it in this painting.

  2. molly says:

    I just love this painting. So peaceful and playful…like there is no care in the world.

  3. Raha Lane says:

    Beautiful works; good luck on all your artistic endeavors.

  4. Judy says:

    Nat you are so talented!!! I love you work 🙂

  5. mom says:

    beautiful paintings – they reflect the beauty of the artist…. that’s you….

  6. John O'Neill says:

    What a wonderful carefree piece. Really impressed

  7. Airnest Bureau says:

    Happy birthday Nathalie Enjoy your stay in Ireland Dad XXXXX

  8. olivia-z illustratrice says:

    Hello natalie, i don’t know if you remember you of me, i’m swiss girl that you met to clifden… I looked at your paintings and I find that realy good. congratulation!!! If you want see my pictures here is my blog :
    good day

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